The Zermatt Summit was created in 2010 as a primary international platform to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between the various actors of society, ranging from business to civil society, academy, religion, arts and politics. This conference is organized and run by the Zermatt Summit Foundation, an independent non-profit organization recognized of public interest by the Swiss Government.

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Christopher Wasserman

Co-founder of the Zermatt Summit Foundation.

“Primarily conceived for business leaders, the Zermatt Summit’s programs are catalysts destined to inspire, to share innovation and to translate new business development models into action, prioritizing human dignity in our globalized world.

The Zermatt Summit 2017 will be meeting regarding the theme of “Humanizing Innovation” and will gather those offering solutions who will show us the extraordinary potential for innovation in fields that often go unnoticed, from waste recycling to the implementation of procedures where cutting-edge technology is in dialogue with traditional forms of knowledge. Concrete examples will be given by people who sometimes have extraordinary life stories that can serve as examples and give hope. Technological and digital innovation will of course not be neglected.

Three wide-ranging debates will be organized concerning the future of humanity, the evolution of work and private life, as well as the evolution of human rights in this new digital world which looks like being so different from the past.”

Our Support

In 2017, the Lunt Foundation supported the communication of the Zermatt Summit, essential to allow the conference to resonate beyond the borders of Switzerland, and especially with the younger generations.