WeEvolution coaches, supports, and promotes ecosystems that seek to enable individuals to create their unique place in society. With education as a priority, we mobilise partners, Evolutionaries, to offer personalised, structured and empowering coaching programmes to voluntary schools.

Our method is inspired by the internationally successful ECEC model suitable for any school from nursery to secondary that wishes to make its school system evolve without changing the state curriculum. The final goal is for students to enjoy their schooling by enabling them to be entrepreneurs of their life and learning process in a conscious way.

The values at the center of our approach are autonomy, co-responsibility, conscioussness and active listening.

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Sarah Heymans Weevolution

Sarah Heymans

MD of WeEvolution ASBL

“To tackle the big challenges of the 21st century, to be more conscious of our impact on others and our environment as well as to enable individuals to develop their potential and adaptability, our organisations (schools, companies, institutions..) also need to make their system evolve.

My team and I are convinced that the most impactful way to contribute to this ambitious goal is to start by supporting the evolution of the school system. Indeed, schools educate the citizens of tomorrow, who together form the society in which we live.

At WeEvolution, we support, promote and coach the school community. How? Our team bases itself on the successful ECEC model of Conscious Entrepreneurial Community Schools. We combine this model with tools from local partners that share the same vision to offer a coaching programme that is personalised, structured and transforming. It is a progressive and mobilising process that involves the entire school community (teachers, parents, educators and local companies) while developing a culture of conscious entrepreneurship. That is to build the self-confidence and find the resources within to proactively take part in your learning process, personal and societal development. The final objective is that school becomes an enjoyable place for children and adults, a place where everyone can develop their unique potential and create their place in society.”

Our Support

In 2017 the foundation has supported WeEvolution with the communication tools.