The We Belong Forum promotes sustainable innovations and responsible brands that generate higher values and revenues while creating resilient ecological and human ecosystems.

Nathalie Bastianelli, founder of We Belong Foundation (formerly Belong & Partners), helps to explore and understand trends, opportunities, disruptions, and major shifts on the horizons that achieve positive change. Her approach is business and consumer-oriented, pragmatic, and rewarding. By gathering inspiring change-makers, she aims to spread the message that we are all actors of change!

The first edition of the We Belong Forum took place in Beijing in September 2015. The second edition was held in October 2016 in two different locations: Beijing and Shanghai.


Nathalie Bastianelli

Founder & Chief Executive of WeBelong

“Connecting the participants of our events to sustainable and positive innovations and solutions is very joyful and brings hope. Inspirations and the sharing of concrete actions are necessary in order to have an impact on reality: to let oneself be inspired is already to choose for a new way of thinking, and therefore a new choice of life and consumption. In our programs, we integrate the presence of artists, interactive sessions and conscious communication; this helps to discover this new  collective consciousness and to boost motivation to re-enchant the world.

With our projects, we are participating in redefining a shared societal value in order to reconnect with our well being and the respect of our planet. We develop our actions with goodwill and respect, without judgment of the existing, while trying to make it clear that we have to change ourselves to hope that the world changes too.”

Our Support

The Foundation supported Belong & Partners with the salary of an assistant coordinator to help organize the 2015, the 2016 and the 2017 Forum taking place in Beijing and Shanghaï, China. The Foundation advisor, Guibert del Marmol, was the opening speaker of the 2015 edition.

The 2017 WeBelong Forum Beijing audience was beyond expectations: + 4 Million on-line viewers, 50 inspiring speakers and 400 attendees over the two-day event.