“What if death doesn’t exist?” is a documentary film of awakening of conscience on the theme “science and spirituality”. The objective is to make a 360 ° on this subject to open the consciences to the existence of a greater reality, a possible life after the death and thus to lead to a serious reflection on the meaning of the life. Valerie Seguin and her collaborators hope to participate in the evolution of human behavior.

Lunt Foundation “What If Death Doesn039t Existquot Valerie Seguin Lunt Foundation

Valérie Seguin

Producer, Auteur et réalisatrice à l’école du sens.

“If there are many documentaries and books for people open to spirituality, there is nothing to my knowledge for “materialists”. No one has made a 360° on this subject, which makes it possible in a film to really open people’s consciences to the possible existence of a wider reality and of life after death. It seems to me that it is through this means that human behaviour will change significantly. Its general public destination will allow it to reach the greatest number of people.”

Our Support

In 2017, the Lunt Foundation supported the expertise of a film director to strengthen its impact to a wider audience. The documentary film was released in September 2018.