The Wellbeing Project is focused on both cultivating a shift in the field of social change toward one that is healthier and more supportive of inner wellbeing, and on catalyzing the development of a new infrastructure to better support everyone working in the field. They are a global community of diverse people, institutions, organizations, networks and alliances involved in the project, collectively focussed on cultivating a culture of personal and inner wellbeing in the field of social change.

Their intention is that the project will ignite further action to continue the work of deeply and meaningfully supporting the wellbeing of experienced social entrepreneurs, shifting the field of social change, and enhancing the lives of the millions of people touched by the efforts of these changemakers.


Aaron Pereira

Project Lead at The Wellbeing Project

Sandrine Woitrin

Sandrine Woitrin

Fellow experience lead and Learning Partners Co-leader

“Being part of this Wellbeing Project inspires me daily through the people I work, meet and share experiences with.

I feel grateful to be part of this extraordinary journey supported and carried by a lot of different organisations world wide. The Lunt Foundation is one of these beautiful entities that bring these words alive : “Wellbeing inspires Welldoing”.”

Bart Weetjens

Bart Weetjens

Awareness and merging initiatives lead

“For too long, the quality of social innovation has been assessed merely by direct impact measurement. Compelling new research insights however suggest that social change can only be truly sustainable if it comes from a state of inner wellbeing in the agents of change. The way HOW we engage in social innovation has become equally, if not more important than WHAT we actually undertake in society.”

The Wellbeing Project Team

Our Support

In 2016, the Lunt Foundation supported the Wellbeing Project for a retreat in Switzerland.