TETRA is a Belgian association that creates awareness for change through Wisdom & Consciousness. They have been active for almost 20 years.

The purpose of the TETRA Association is to foster a personal journey towards the enlargement of consciousness, self-presence and the world. They offer various ways to share knowledge and experiences:

  • Conferences, forums and public meetings
  • Research workshops and experiential courses in smaller groups
  • Training
  • Ongoing and regular practice of personal and spiritual development tools.


Martine Dory

TETRA coordinator and laughter yoga practitioner


Vincent Blondiau

TETRA coordinator and coach

“We think that the different crises that humanity goes through are mainly linked to a lack of meaning and consciousness. From the moment we become conscious of the meaning and the impact of our thoughts, our world and our actions, we may react with more coherence and responsibility.

Beyond influencing society and its structures, we have the hope of raising awareness that works as an engine that powers change, an ecological, social and spiritual awareness among individuals – ourselves being amongst them.”

Our Support

In 2013, the Lunt Foundation supported the widening of their community and the creation of an educational program on permaculture: Tetra Urban Gardens.

In 2014, the Foundation supported the organization to develop further its community by financing the creation of a blog, of a secured “cloud” and the redesign of their website.

In 2015, the Foundation co-financed a conference on « healthy soil for nutritious health » by Claude et Lydia Bourguinion in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

In 2016, the Foundation supported the production of a syllabus on long training in urban agriculture, as well as the conference of Satish Kumar that took place in February.

TETRA has become a reference in Belgium for its conferences and trainings in permaculture, urban agriculture, biodynamics, and spirituality. They have since become financially sustainable by enlarging their members database.