Startup Weekends are 54-hour volunteer events managed by TechStars and supported by Google for Entrepreneurs. Nearly 3,000 Startup Weekends have already emerged around various themes in 150 countries and this one in Brussels (which took place from May 13th-15th 2016) was the first to address the circular and sharing economy.

The goal of this Belgian Startup Weekend, where 60 young talents were encouraged to create a company with a collaborative approach, was to evaluate the need to create an organisation that supports entrepreneurs in the sharing economy, and also the need to stimulate entrepreneurship through a simple, practical and effective solution.

With this event the organizers also aimed to benefit from the visibility offered by Startup Weekend to launch the communication of Sharify – an incubator and co-working space in Belgium dedicated to the collaborative economy.

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Bastien Van Wylick

The ‘architect’ at Sharify

“Sharify’s mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship in new business models (circular, collaborative, cooperative) through an educational program that leads to a hackathon and continues with coaching. Start-ups born of these experiences, as we have seen, challenge traditional models and are part of the post-capitalist era, thus generating a positive impact on society.”

Our Support

The Foundation supported the Startup Weekend in 2016 with communication and organizational costs. The event has allowed the creation of a community of more than 300 people, 7 startups were launched at the end of the event. There has been an impressive coverage of the Belgian press.