Rolf Jucker

Rolf Jucker

Nature & Education

Rolf Jucker joigned SILVIVA in 2014 after being inspired by “Down to Earth Project", Wales, UK. It is a project where the most vulnerable and excluded groups build, together, genuinely sustainable buildings, training centres and social housing.

Rolf also published the following article: Outside Learning


“The wonder and diversity of life inspires me every single day. I get my energy from human co-creation. The experiences that lead to solutions way beyond the individual means is an incredible source of joy. We can bring beautiful solutions into being, through cooperation, mindfulness and deep commitment that were unthinkable beforehand. I guess I am a deeply reflective innovator who trusts in co-creative learning to bring about real change.” Rolf



According to the SILVIVA team, the vision for a dignified and liveable future depends on the capacity to deal with complex challenges, the ability to cooperate and the understanding of the dependence of humanity on a regenerative planet.

SILVIVA promotes all three aspects through a systemic, nationwide project which aims to change the dominant paradigm – shifting learning for children, youth and adults from indoors/digital to learning in nature: hands-on real-world learning.

They accomplished to enable small organisations to work innovatively and effectively as a team, and work with design thinking and hackdays to implement new solutions co-creatively.

They are experts in nature-based outdoor learning for all ages; all these skills, knowledge and competences they are more than happy to share. The applied approach is also contributing to enhance motivation, reinforce emotional, social, creative and cognitive skills, as well as improve physical, mental and social health of all.

Lunt Foundation vision

Supporting education is about addressing the root causes and not just the effects of today's issues. The Lunt Foundation is a strong believer and supporter of the new teaching methods that are holistic, human, bio-inspired and incorporate our three centers of intelligence (heart, body and mind).

Lunt Foundation support

In order to reach a larger public, the Lunt Foundation is supporting the salary costs of a new project manager who will be in charge of expanding the project to the french speaking world.

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