Pauline Steisel et Nicolas Bekaert

Pauline Steisel et Nicolas Bekaert

Holistic Education

“We wish to share with others the moment of revelation we experienced at the Schumacher College UK. This desire is combined with the wish to generate a systemic impact. This is what drives us to follow the words of Satish Kumar and create “Islands of Hope”. Set up a learning community in a natural and historic environment is our dream, in order to forge the resilient and inspiring individuals needed to build a more harmonious world.” Pauline & Nicolas

As Belgian Schumacher Alumni, Pauline and Nicolas want to share the valuables learnings and experiences from the College. They organise short courses and gatherings on different topics such as sacred activism, buddhist economy, ecological design thinking, holistic science, ecology and spirituality,... 

Schumacher Sprouts

Logo Schumacher Sprouts

Inspired by the spirit of the Schumacher College in the UK, the Schumacher Sprouts emerged in Belgium! 

The Schumacher College was cofounded by Satish Kumar, a former monk and long-term peace and environment activist. The college attracts students from over 90 different countries, of all ages and backgrounds, drawn by its reputation for cutting-edge learning relating to ecology and sustainability. The College focuses on interactive and experiential education to develop the practical skills and strategic thinking required to tackle many of challenges we face in the 21st Century. Students work in small groups which embrace the learning principles of head, hand, heart. 

Established at the Farm of Froidefontaine, the Schumacher Sprouts already launched 4 short courses in 2019, which had an incredible success. In 2020, 15 new courses will take place. Every training offers different topics, diverse speakers, and distinctive groups and dynamics. A Schumacher Certificate will also soon be announced.

Lunt Foundation vision

Supporting education is about addressing the root causes and not just the effects of today's issues. The Lunt Foundation is a strong believer and supporter of the new teaching methods that are holistic, human, bio-inspired and incorporate our three centers of intelligence (heart, body and mind).

Lunt Foundation support

In 2019 and 2020, the Lunt Foundation supported a part-time salary of the two co-workers Pauline Steisel and Nicolas Bekaert, ensuring security to expand the time and energy spent on this project.

In 2017 and 2018, the Lunt Foundation supported the Farm of Froidefontaine in the development of their project.

And in 2018, the Foundation co-organised a massive conference-experience "Growing our trust for the planet" with 50 organisations to celebrate the principles of Ecology, Confidence & Joy. The stage was taken by inspirational personalities including Satish Kumar (cofounder of the Schumacher College), Perrine Hervé-GruyerMarc de la MénardièreAmandine RocheGuibert del Marmol and Thomas d'Ansembourg. The conference was built on the shared conviction that taking care of the planet is also taking care of ourselves, and that both trust and joy are at the heart of ecological actions. This gathering was the first of many more to come.

Soil, Soul, Society - Satish KUMAR

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