Benoît Greindl

Benoît Greindl

Regenerative Economy

Benoit has been working as an entrepreneur for already 30 years all over the world, with entreprise leaders from numerous cultures. Everywhere, he notices that the main moto remains the joy of creation and societal contribution. 

“The scope of challenges we face nowadays gives rise to tremendous opportunities for corporate leaders and actors to shape a better world for future generations, through their imagination, commitment and work” Benoit

Regenerative Alliance

Logo Regenerative Alliance

Regenerative Alliance (RA) is a unique intergenerational and intersectoral platform and network bringing together leaders with a vision and a will to support the transition of the private sector towards a new regenerative economy. 

The Regenerative Alliance membership is built on 3 main pillars: events, sharing circles and an online platform. 

In Belgium, Regenerative Alliance partners with Libramont & Co to offer its local members access to a unique yearly forum gathering leaders eager to join this transformation and position their organisation as a leader of change. Among the key speakers of the 2020 edition, RA is happy to welcome Isabelle Delannoy, a partner of the Lunt Foundation and Frédéric Lenoir, recognised author and thought leader.

Lunt Foundation vision

A key ingredient of the future society we envision, based on regenerative economy and conscious politics, is inspired and inspiring leaders. People who carry a vision for humanity and who work to embody this vision. By aligning heart, guts and brain intelligence, we are able to experience interdependence. By taking into consideration cellular memories, transgenerational influences and by healing past traumas, we are able to activate our full human potential and develop conscious leadership. As scientific proof is emerging on our capacity as human beings to achieve this higher state of consciousness, we strongly support the dissemination of this evidence, as well as all initiatives that support the development of individuals towards this higher level of consciousness.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2019, the Lunt Foundation enabled 10 students to attend the yearly conference in Bertrix, Belgium.

Then, in 2020, the Lunt Foundation secured the salary of Pauline Verhaeghe to join Regenerative Alliance's core team as a consultant to support the launch of the network and the global hub.

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