Jean-Pierre Goux

Jean-Pierre Goux


Jean-Pierre has been engaged for almost 30 years in ecology. Inspired by the Biosphere 2 project in his childhood, he has always been looking for solutions to teach humans how to live in a small planet.

His dream: making us realize how lucky we are and integrating planetary boundaries in our behaviour and consciousness.

Jean-Pierre is the author of "Siècle bleu, au coeur du complot". An ecological thriller, where activists, astronauts, conspiracies and saving the planet mingle! 

Jean-Pierre is also the founder of Blueturn which provides a unique, intimate and interactive experience of the Whole Earth in rotation captured from outer space. They want to spread this view across all possible screens and enable the next stage of planetary consciousness. Blueturn is using the daily images taken by the NASA/DSCOVR satellite, located 1.5 million kilometers away from the Earth, to build the most recent and beautiful view of the rotating Whole Earth.

One Home

In 2020, he founded OneHome that aims at reconnecting Humans and Earth by allowing us to feel the “Overview Effect". The objective is the development of a planetary consciousness using emotions and beauty. OneHome aims to help humanity reach the next stage of planetary consciousness by realizing that we all live in the same home. Our one home.

What if we could get up every morning thankful to be alive on a miraculous planet. As he would say: "The Earth doesn't need to be saved, she just needs to be loved."

OneHome collaborates with many, among which stands Agoria with its unique telluric, atmospheric and spatial piece to raise awareness about ecology. Agoria is a prominent French producer of electronic music.

Lunt Foundation vision

Society is shaped by culture. Culture is shaped by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we hear. In order to transform our society, we must transform our culture, which means transforming our beliefs. Our beliefs change when we hear new stories, that open up our vision of what is possible. Many solutions to today's challenges already exist. What is needed is for the stories of these solutions to be spread. By expanding our awareness and imagination, new narratives elevate our consciousness and capability to co-create a new future.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2020, the Lunt Foundation contributed to the emergence of the project through financial support.


Un thriller écologique

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