Virginie Lancetti

Virginie Lancetti

Film & Media

Founder and Operational Director of Nausicart After a career as an executive producer, events manager and communications consultant ( from Canal+ TV shows to events with Deepak Chopra), Virginie founded Nausicart, an NGO supporting directors and films producers with a special focus on highlighting solutions to today’s challenges.

“Every day when I wake up I am grateful and humbled for being healthy, and for being surrounded by beautiful souls which allow me to contribute to a more harmonious world - by doing my part of the hummingbird.” Virginie


Logo Nausicart

Nausicart aims to raise awareness through the universal language of audiovisual art. The film productions invite spectators to question their way of life, relationships with others, and their relationship with nature.

Lunt Foundation vision

Society is shaped by culture. Culture is shaped by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we hear. In order to transform our society we must transform our culture, which means transforming our beliefs. Our beliefs change when we hear new stories, that open up our vision of what is possible. Many solutions to today's challenges already exist. What is needed is for the stories of these solutions to be spread. By expanding our awareness and imagination, new narratives elevate our consciousness and capability co-create a new future.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2018 and 2019, the Lunt Foundation financed the salary of Virginie Lancetti, manager of Nausicart. This support has enabled Virginie to successfully coproduce several films, including "Regeneration", a documentary film by Alex Ferrini.

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