Christian Vanizette

Christian Vanizette

Social Entrepreneurship

Christian Vanizette (co-founder) and Alizée Lozac'hmeur (Head of development ) are two passionate entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in social entrepreneurship, marketing and digital transformation. Christian co-founded makesense in 2009, on a mission “to make 180 millions citizens engage with the sustainable development goals by 2030”.

“Our project consists in the collective mobilization citizens, social entrepreneurs, corporate actors and governments, in order to solve the biggest issues of our time together. We leverage modern technologies to enable these actors to act on local and tangible projects. The real engine behind makesense is the citizen engagement. We thank involvement to the fact that the work is done in a fun and genuine way. At makesense we believe that every citizen around the world has a unique contribution to make.” Christian



Logo makesense

makesense is a global community of citizens that use collaborative tools to accelerate the impact of social entrepreneurs. Today makesense has an international community spread over 128 cities, with thousands of volunteers that have supported more than 2,000 social enterprises and hosted over 3000 creative workshops. They have been awarded by the Singularity University and the Marshall Fund Fellowship for their work on participative governance models. Facebook has hired makesense to train their account managers on how to mobilize communities around societal issues.

Lunt Foundation vision

Our world is in dire need of a new economic system that reconciles human activity and a healthy, sustainable planet. Inspired by the laws of nature, the Regenerative Economy model gives way for both development of human activity and regeneration of life on the planet.

Lunt Foundation support

The Lunt Foundation has supported makesense since 2013, starting with the funding of the salaries of a community developer (to increase their base) and a web developer (to create a robust platform). Always looking to support the areas that require most reinforcement, the Foundation subsequently funded their storytelling efforts on solutions to the refugee crisis. From 2017 through 2019, the Foundation financed the restructuring of makesense’s internal governance system (based on the principles of horizontal organisation, shared leadership, a strong company culture and a heightened sense of well-being).

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