Arnaud Riou

Arnaud Riou


Arnaud Riou is an author and speaker. He has explored the different wisdoms of the world on the five continents. He builds bridges between the wisdom of indigenous people and the modern world. He accompanies business leaders and managers to embody the meaning of their actions through his training courses, conferences and the advice he gives. He also accompanies therapists and social entrepreneurs on their learning path.


"For 15 years, I've been meeting shamans, medicine men, llamas, these beings they call the wise men. I shared their daily lives in India, Tibet, Mongolia, North America. They taught me. I was initiated into their practices. Today, through this film, it is their message that I am transmitting. The message of these guardians of the earth to our modern world in search of meaning and values." Arnaud Riou


The  association "Terre Anima" encourages and supports the transmission, teaching and dissemination of millennial wisdoms. In this way, they work to reweave links with the land, knowledge and between men and women of all traditions. This is where the documentary film project Etugen was born. 

“What if lakes, rivers, the moon and forests were more sensitive, more alive, more intelligent than we imagine... What if there were somewhere on earth, men and women capable of understanding the language of the spirits of nature and communicating with them... By crossing the porous membrane between the visible and invisible world."

A documentary film by Arnaud Riou and Maud Baigneres, produced by Bagan Films - to be released in 2021. 


Lunt Foundation vision

Society is shaped by culture. Culture is shaped by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we hear. In order to transform our society, we must transform our culture, which means transforming our beliefs. Our beliefs change when we hear new stories, that open up our vision of what is possible. Many solutions to today's challenges already exist. What is needed is for the stories of these solutions to be spread. By expanding our awareness and imagination, new narratives elevate our consciousness and capability co-create a new future.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2020, the Lunt Foundation’s support covered part of the post-production professional costs of the documentary.

Arnaud is a friend, a guide, a guardian angel of the Lunt Foundation, and we had the chance to bring some of our Solutionaries to his mill for retreats. Therefore, it seemed natural to us to support him in the realisation of Etugen.

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