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Cosmos is a musical project that aims to reconcile philosophy, science, and art. It is innovative as it makes use of the existing vibrations and frequencies present on our planet and aims to reach the harmony of the frequencies produced by ourselves and the planets. Research with leading scientists at the European Space Agency will be conducted so as to exploit humanity’s entire harmonic capacity.

By understanding those frequencies, Mark Yaeger will be able to compose the music, a unique one, that will unite our universe. He is surrounded by a great team, hence ensuring the project through different perspectives, skills and energies. 

The final outcome will be the wonderful production of an album made of 12 songs, played by various orchestras and solo instrumentalists.

This project is produced by Touche and supported by Nausicart NGO  (Nausicart was founded by Virginie Lancetti, a Lunt Solutionary).

Lunt Foundation vision

Society is shaped by culture. Culture is shaped by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we hear. In order to transform our society, we must transform our culture, which means transforming our beliefs. Our beliefs change when we hear new stories, that open up our vision of what is possible. Many solutions to today's challenges already exist. What is needed is for the stories of these solutions to be spread. By expanding our awareness and imagination, new narratives elevate our consciousness and capability co-create a new future.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2020, the Lunt Foundation enabled the creation of a teaser by providing financial support. Hence, triggering new fundings and more visibility of the project.

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