Flore Vasseur

Flore Vasseur

Film & Media

Author, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Ex-journalist for Le Monde, author of various books, producer of documentaries including Meeting Snowden, and founder of Big Mother Productions.

“The main obstacle to a more dignified world is not technical (solutions exist) but cultural (we do not see or believe in them). Big Mother Productions focuses on shaping and illuminating a narrative for the future that restores humanity’s dignity, desire to live and power to act - in order to convince everyone to welcome it, and participate in it. The fact that these stories and people exist everywhere in the world rejoices me profoundly.” Flore

Bigger than us

Big Mother Productions is a production studio dedicated to the content creation around inspiring narratives about our future. Big Mother Productions puts a spotlight on stories and people that are building a positive future. Its productions include documentaries, films, books and events. BIGGER THAN US is its first project.

Lunt Foundation vision

Society is shaped by culture. Culture is shaped by our beliefs. And our beliefs are shaped by the stories we hear. In order to transform our society we must transform our culture, which means transforming our beliefs. Our beliefs change when we hear new stories, that open up our vision of what is possible. Many solutions to today's challenges already exist. What is needed is for the stories of these solutions to be spread. By expanding our awareness and imagination, new narratives elevate our consciousness and capability co-create a new future.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2018, the Lunt Foundation funded the salary of a right-hand person for Flore Vasseur, in charge of the development, promotion and distribution of projects. In just a few months, this support has enabled the "BIGGER THAN US" project to be launched. Flore was able to find the necessary funding and especially the right partners. The shooting is in progress.

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