Perrine & Charles Hervé-Gruyer

Perrine & Charles Hervé-Gruyer

Regenerative Agriculture

Creators of ‘Bec Hellouin Farm’

“Inspired by nature, we certify that it is possible to produce an abundant quantity of food, whilst simultaneously restoring the biosphere. We dream of millions of small farms as millions of oases of life that would bring balance to the world. The values that drive us are our respect for all forms of life, our astonishment at our privilege of being alive on the only known livable planet, and our desire to heal the planet from the injuries we have caused it, so as to leave our children a beautiful and pure planet.” Charles et Perrine

Bec Hellouin Farm

Logo Bec Hellouin Farm

The Bec Helllouin organic permaculture farm was founded in 2004 in French Haute Normandie by Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer. The farm rapidly went on a surprising trajectory of innovation and exploration, to the point that it is now a standard reference in natural agriculture and attracts visitors worldwide. The Bec Hellouin Farm is a haven of production, research and transmission. More than 800 varieties of fruits and vegetables are cultivated along the concepts of permaculture. Much research has been conducted in order to explore the natural, effective and efficient farming practices that contribute to the regeneration of the biosphere.

Discover the farm with this short vidéo by Brute.

Lunt Foundation vision

At the Lunt Foundation, our priority is to keep the Earth healthy. Our goal is to enhance human dignity through the pillars of food, housing, healthcare and education. The Earth stands at the heart of each of these four of these pillars. The quality of our food depends on the Earth. The Earth is our first home. Our health depends on the water we drink, the food we grow, the environment we live in. And last but not least, the biggest genius is the Earth itself! Through her art in managing waste, running complex systems, building resilience, creating energy, etc.: the Earth is our greatest teacher.

Lunt Foundation support

From 2013 to 2015, the Lunt Foundation co-funded a research program on the Bec Hellouin farm by the Sylva Institute. The study modelized new agriculture techniques while quantifying their productivity and economic performance. The innovative project demonstrated the economic viability of permaculture techniques on small scale agriculture, that can be applied in urban gardening.

As of 2016, the Lunt Foundation supported the co-founder, Perrine Hervé-Gruyer, with a salary to advise new micro-farms making their first steps into permaculture.

From 2017, the Foundation co-financed new research on the ecological and economic performance of permacultural micro-farms and forest gardens.

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