Blanche Magarinos-Rey

Blanche Magarinos-Rey

Environmental & Human Rights Law

Environmental and Urban Planning Lawyer, Founder of Artemisia aisbl After nearly ten years of career as a lawyer in France, Blanche founded the law firm Artemisia in her efforts to foster national and international legislation that protects biodiversityand human rights.

“Human existence is made of two things: the pleasure to tread this Earth... and the responsibility to preserve it. Law represents a tool in the service of this responsibility. As Providence reunites hearts beating in unison, I feel blessed to be supported by and work with the Lunt Foundation. Our respective missions complement each other and I am glad to be one of the resources from which they can draw advice and assistance. The Foundation is a haven of peace, as well as a laboratory of awakening to the world.” Blanche

Interview by Kaizen magazine (French)

Interview by the online gastronomic reviewer “Attabula”

Artemisia association

Logo Artemisia association

Artemisia association is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to giving inexpensive access to the Law and legal professionals to civil society actors, when engaged in the protection of the environment or the safeguarding of Human Rights.

This legal support is possible thanks to a partnership with the Artemisia law firm, led by Blanche Magarinos-Rey, lawyer at the Paris Bar. This law firm provides legal advice, assistance and court representation, as well as advocacy services towards public institutions and policy makers.

Since its creation, Artemisia has positioned itself as an actor for the protection and promotion of agricultural biodiversity, in particular with a legislative advocacy effort in France and at the European Union level.

Lunt Foundation vision

At the Lunt Foundation, our priority is to keep the Earth healthy. Our goal is to enhance human dignity through the pillars of food, housing, healthcare and education. The Earth stands at the heart of each of these four of these pillars. The quality of our food depends on the Earth. The Earth is our first home. Our health depends on the water we drink, the food we grow, the environment we live in. And last but not least, the biggest genius is the Earth itself! Through her art in managing waste, running complex systems, building resilience, creating energy, etc.: the Earth is our greatest teacher.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2016, the Lunt Foundation contributed to the establishment of Artemisia Association, along with other Belgian philanthropists. The Foundation financially supports the association since 2017. Blanche also offers legal expertise to the Foundation.

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