Ronan Harrington

Ronan Harrington

Regenerative Society & Gatherings

A visionary thinker about the future of organisations and societies, Ronan Harrington, founder of AlterEgo, offers a compelling picture of where the world is going, and who we must become.  

“What gives me meaning, especially in the face of despair, is knowing that a lot of humanity's problems come down to us not being able to be vulnerable with each other and heal our wounds and trauma. I feel most alive when I’m in service to the new story of connection, healing and growth. My passion is to create spaces for this transformation to happen and speak about its potential to resolve our biggest cultural and political problems. I’m a strategist, educator and storyteller. I help networks and organizations understand how they can grow on a psychological and cultural level to meet the challenges of our time.” Ronan

Alter Ego Network

Logo Alter Ego Network

Alter Ego organises gatherings, builds solidarity networks and offers organisational development by supporting self-managing organisations who are seeking a “next paradigm” way of working . Its goal is to introduce a developmental culture to the social and political changemaker ecosystem, improving the capacity of bringing systems to change, in polarised times.

“Alter Ego is a network for leaders who have the potential to do great work when they go deeper, together. We believe that we take much wiser action out there in the world when we also attend to the inner world inside of ourselves. We’re supporting each other in a specific kind of self-development; it’s relational, connected and purposeful. We help each other to become more emotionally intelligent, more able to hold pluralistic perspectives, more courageous, more accountable and more compassionate. We believe we can be more effective by applying this developmental lens to our social change work.”

Ronan is working together with Richard Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo, founders of Loomio and The Hum, and founding members of Enspiral. They are experts in collaboration and are doing a lot of insightful thinking in the system change space. Together, they are organising a series of gatherings in France. Here's a link presenting those different projects: How to weave social fabric

Lunt Foundation vision

A key ingredient of the future society we envision, based on regenerative economy and conscious politics, is inspired and inspiring leaders. People who carry a vision for humanity and who work to embody this vision. By aligning heart, guts and brain intelligence, we are able to experience interdependence. By taking into consideration cellular memories, transgenerational influences and by healing past traumas, we are able to activate our full human potential and develop conscious leadership. As scientific proof is emerging on our capacity as human beings to achieve this higher state of consciousness, we strongly support the dissemination of this evidence, as well as all initiatives that support the development of individuals towards this higher level of consciousness.

Lunt Foundation support

In 2020, the Lunt Foundation provided financial support to create two immersive gatherings in France, each including a diverse collection of 40 social change leaders.

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