Shamengo is an association whose aim is to promote the very best of green and social innovation. Shamengo is a neologism made up of the words “Shaman” (the one who goes from one world to another world), “Men” (the human community that characterizes the organization), and “Go” (word for action).

They have made a collection of video portraits of the most disruptive green and social entrepreneurs throughout the world (called “Shamengo pioneers”), created an international community gathering more than 6,000 active members, and engaged in the construction of Shamengo Villas – “smart cities” whose aim is to accelerate the societal transition towards new living modes that are more respectful of the self, others and the environment.


Catherine Berthillier

Founder of Shamengo

“Shamengo is based on four values: taking care of oneself, creating with ethics, protecting the planet, and committing to the service of others.

The Shamengo Villas contribute to a better world for three reasons: First of all, this unique initiative is co-designed by all relevant stakeholders, from universities to civil society and corporations. Secondly, it offers an opportunity to get familiar with new ways of living, consuming, producing, working, and learning. Thirdly, it is an inclusive, disruptive and visionary project open to all, locals and internationals, rich and poor, young and elderly.”

Shamengo Team

Our Support

The Lunt Foundation supported Shamengo with a one year salary for a community manager in order to promote their web platform showcasing video portraits of innovative entrepreneurs.