SenseCube is the accelerator powered by MakeSense. They identify the most promising social entrepreneurs and support them in expressing their concept on the ground. By accelerating their development with community-based models and by integrating them in an ecosystem of partners, SenseCube provides them with all the tools and knowledge needed to make a maximized impact within their start-ups.

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Lucie Barthlen & Celine Bouton

Coordinators of Sensecube Brussels

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“SenseCube supports innovators who implement solutions to solve society’s most striking issues in different fields: waste management, the environment, health, democratic participation, inclusion… As part of the MakeSense worldwide movement, we use the power of the crowd to engage communities around these issues and to foster social innovation. Collaboration is the master key. The MakeSense motto is “Find a challenge, solve it, celebrate”, affirming that we can all participate in the change we want to see in the world.”

Our Support

In 2015, the Foundation financed the salary of a project manager that created, animated and developed SenseCube Brussels. Successfully managing more than 39 project applications, mobilizing more than 700 people, and incubating 6 different projects during 6 months.