The Savory Institute’s prime objective is highlighting the world’s grasslands for their immense environmental value and unsurpassable beauty.

They look to foster a conversation around the common language of these lands, one that transcends race and culture. Allan Savory’s methods involve practical, achievable farming/management procedures, applicable and viable for those tending the land and accompanying grazing livestock to heal our world.

The Savory Institute organizes an International Annual Event where they put together a lineup of great speakers to present their views.

Pierre-Alexandre Klein

Core member of Hackistan

“Our collective includes people who share this mission of Saving the world. We build trust amongst peers based on solidarity, leveraging resources and being vulnerable. This trust engages us in collaborations around impactful missions and projects. People come with their skills as a whole and have meaningful work.

Trust, fairness, openness and collaboration are at the core of the ecosystem. We do our best to find skilled individuals who share this mindset.”

Our Support

The Foundation supported their 2014 International Conference in London in August. The conference successfully gathered dynamic experts in the fields of soil science, climate change, permaculture, range science, local food movement, human health, conservation biology and alternative finance.