The intention of the SAM forum is to introduce the practice of meditation, the art of full well-being, and its impact on society through a unique lived experience, an insight between societal knowledge, science and meditation, and to propose a complementary approach to medicine, based on prevention.

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Jean-Gérard Bloch

President of the SAM Forum and teaching director of the Medecine, Meditation and Neurosciences university degree at the Strasbourg’s Medical Faculty.

“Meditation propounds to regain our ability to wonder. Art like meditation makes us see the invisible, hear the unspeakable, know the unexplainable and allow us to access our intuitive intelligence of body and heart and realize that the mystery that escapes rationality is part of wholeness.
The idea is that collective changes involve individual inner transformation and that each human being is a genius who seeks to reveal himself. My joy in the morning is to feel alive with the desire to serve.”

Our Support

In 2018 the Lunt Foundation supported the SAM for its dissemination and communication.