Awareness & Synergies

To strengthen the contribution of our fellows and partners to society, the Lunt Foundation organizes yearly retreats. It’s a moment designed to settle down, reflect on our own nature, connect with our environment and understand better our mutual needs. We’d like to make it also fun to create synergies between project leaders, collaborators and members of the Foundation.

2017 & 2018 Moulin de BeaupreĢ

In 2017 and 2018, Arnaud Riou agreed to welcome us in his mill. Arnaud Riou is an author, coach and lecturer. Passionate since a very young age about the different dimensions of the human being, Arnaud studied Tibetan, Amerindian and Celtic wisdom and receives teachings on meditation and yoga from different traditions (India, Tibet, Mongolia, North America). During the retreat at his mill, he shared his knowledge with us, proposed times of meditation and moment of reflections. He also transmitted tools to develop intuition and mental calm in order to better feel our connection with the environment.

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2016 Millemont

In 2016, we went to the Millemont estate where we had the opportunity to practice the beautiful workshop Le travail qui relie. The work that connects, based on Joanna Macy’s methodologies and vision, is a group work approach that combines the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions with our rational understanding of the world and our commitment to action. It awakens in us the energy and determination to meet the challenges of today’s world. It includes practical and experiential exercises that invite us to explore our relationship with the living, to express our emotions in the face of a system that destroys life and to bring out our “eco-consciousness”, this consciousness that encompasses all living beings. The workshop was led by Gauthier Chapelle and Pablo Servigne, members of the Terr’Eveille association

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