Regenacterre is a Belgian association that demonstrates, validates and promotes the financial and environmental benefits of short-term regenerative agriculture in Belgium.

Regenacterre proposes to remove the obstacles to innovation in agriculture through several levers: design, technical and financial solutions. The goal is to allow farmers to re-design their operations based on agronomic, environmental and economic criteria in order to make their farms truly sustainable.

A real change of the agricultural paradigm does not happen in a day – Regenacterre’s strategy is to support conventional farmers in the transition to regenerative agriculture.


Olivier Debuyst

Co founder at Regenacterre


Frédéric Muratori

Executive Director at Regenacterre

“The world is changing fast. Innovation is everywhere. New ways of farming are emerging. Regenerative agriculture is a comprehensive farming method focused on soil health by using practices from agroecology, organic agriculture, precision farming, holistic grazing management, agroforestry… Unfortunately, the current farming systems hinder farmers from adopting these regenerative practices. Notably, farmers need access to independent advice, free from a conflict of interest.

Regenacterre promotes innovative ways of farming by supporting the fundamentals of agriculture: soil and people. Our goal is to trigger sustainable changes in farms (through a practical and financially viable approach) with the aim of having a significant impact (concentrating on large-scale operation and a large number of adopters).

We promote autonomy and self-determination for farmers, while also reinforcing the social link between primary producers and consumers. Regenacterre believes in the power of a knowledge exchange between farmers rather than a top-down advice approach.”

Our Support

In 2016 and in 2017, the Foundation has supported Regenacterre covering a part-time salary of a community manager in charge of the facilitation of a group of regenerative farmers and the communication around their activities.