Le Printemps de l’éducation is a citizen movement that places education at the heart of an inevitable societal transformation that had already started.

The ambition of this French organization is to create a network of stakeholders in the so-called “alternative education” and to contribute to the emergence and development of a landscape of educational diversity. The goal of this platform is to showcase and to share innovative teaching practices through meetings, and to provide the services needed in order to achieve this purpose.


Antonella Verdiani

Fondatrice du Printemps de l’éducation

“Le Printemps de l’éducation, The Spring of Education, is part of the global change because it is a “political” project, in the positive sense of the word, meaning that it is addressed to and made by the polis, the city that was born and built thanks to the collaboration of all its citizens. In this specific case, we work for the citizens of tomorrow. Our main goal is identifying the actors of the educational “resurgence”, the innovative practices and the most important research on this subject, and connecting them. Also, we support the implementation of new educational experiences that discover, amongst other inspirations, nature as a direct source of education.

The values and principles on which Le Printemps de l’éducation is based are the following: well-being of each child and each actor of the educational community, joy and enthusiasm as the engines and goals of the learning process, peace and welcoming communication,   innovation at the centre of educational methods and the link with nature, the source of lifelong amazement and enrichment and the foundation of a society based on environmentalism”

Printemps de l’éducation team

Our Support

In 2014 and 2015, the Foundation financed the salary of a project manager to create, develop and animate their web platform working as a social network for professionals in the field of education.

In 2017, the funds were used to finance the salaries of the director, the community manager, the webmaster, the communication officer, and the new coordinator.