Inspire people to evolve and act for the betterment of humanity.

The “Solutionaries” is a group of entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing the common ideal of building a better world for future generations.

Meetings and field trips organized by the Lunt Foundation inform members on proven innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. This information is meant to inspire best practice and orient family patrimony into meaningful investments with common sense. Our main theme in this section is agriculture, in which we have been organizing inspiring tours around Europe since 2013. Take a look!

Ferme du Bec Hellouin, June 2018

In June 2018, we had the chance to spend two days at the Bec Hellouin farm in France with Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer. The Lunt Foundation supports Charles, Perrine as well as the research carried out for 5 years at the farm.

Today, this small experimental farm operates in permaculture with different influences. Research programs have been conducted in particular on the economic performance of the farm or the quality of its soil. By following their heart and their learning, Perrine and Charles achieved a result that surpassed all expectations: the soils quickly regenerated, the farm produces a lot, and in a small territory and almost exclusively manual, the interest of the general public is always growing … If all this fuss can be exhausting, it has the advantage of favoring the emergence of a new type of more virtuous farms.

Lunt Foundation Dottenfelderhof 186 Dottenfelder Luftbild

Dottenfelder Hof Farm and Bingenheimer Saatgut , October 2017

In 2017, we visited the Dottenfelder Hof Farm and Bingenheimer Saatgut seed company, both near Frankfurt in Germany with 20 entrepreneurs.

The Dottenfelder Hof Farm is a large-scale agricultural project (190 hectares) with great experience. Its creation dates from 1968 and the project currently employs the equivalent of 100 full-time staff. Dottenfelder Hof comprises several entities, production centers (breeding, market gardening, orchards and field crops), processing, training and two sales outlets. The visit will be worthwhile, both for its different entities and for the overall governance of the project.

As for Bingenheimer Saatgut, this seed company deals with the selection and marketing of organic and biodynamic seeds, in partnership with a network of farmers-breeders.


Friedrich Wenz domain (Germany) & Breitemerhof domain (France), June 2016

The 2016 edition of the Solutionaries took place between France and Germany. Friedrich et Manfred Wenz are the pioneers of non-labour in biological agriculture. In their fields, no labour has been carried out in the past 35 years! Their aim is to maintain a good soil balance and significantly reduce workload and inputs.

In the Domaine du Breitemerhof we met Michel Roesch, agronomist, passionate trainer on the functioning of the soil and co-president of BASE association. Thanks to his knowledge he advises and trains farmers and technicians confronted with soil fatigue, who wish to find a living soil that has regained a natural fertility thanks to the implementation of simple and effective techniques.

During this 2016 edition we were accompanied by Ulrich Schreier, who has participated in the development of biodynamic and biological agriculture for 25 years. He is a founding member and general secretary of the association Soin de la Terre (Earth Care), as well as the founder and managing director of Ecodyn.


Graux Domain, Belgium, June 2015

In June 2015, the Foundation took the ‘Solutionaries’ group to the inspiring Domaine de Graux, located in the South of Belgium. This beautiful farm of 120 hectares is dotted with numerous water points, woods, hedgerows, meadows, orchards, etc. and is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity. Its owner, Elisabeth Simon, strives to be protective and respectful of nature in all aspects of life. The farm applies agroecology as an ethical way of life. This eco-site is sponsored by Pierre Rabhi.

In 2003, the technique of simplified tillage was adopted to try to reduce the harmful effects of tillage on the life and soil of organic matter. In 2011, the estate was converted to organic agriculture. In 2014, an additional step was taken: the transition to agroecology was initiated. The combination of long rotations with temporary meadows, no-till farming practices with diverse settings, and the use of a large ecological network make it one of the most innovative places in Europe. The installation of micro-farms allows young farmers to develop their projects in a collaborative project with the land.

During the same trip the group also visited the farm of Emmanuel Demasy, at the forefront in terms of regenerative agriculture. His is one of those pioneering farms that manage to reconcile economics (profitability) and ecology (decrease negative impacts).


La Bergerie de Villarceaux, France, May 2014

In May 2014 the Lunt Foundation and a group of Solutionaries went to the Bergerie de Villarceaux, an estate of 1,500 acres located 50 kilometres north-west of Paris, of which 200 hectares are for forest and 400 hectares for agriculture. For more than 20 years, the farm has been at the cutting edge of best practices in agroforestry and agriculture, using livestock rotation and land regeneration.

Kerbastic Domain, France, May 2013

The Domaine de Kerbastic has a dynamic balance between art, nature and health. It offers 32 hectares to meet the trees, deer, horses, birds and squirrels. With its art of life, friendliness, environmental responsibility, harmony between people and health preservation, the Domaine de Kerbastic is playing its part in working towards a more harmonious humanity.

In the first trip with the ‘solutionaries’ in 2013, the Lunt Foundation brought together 15 entrepreneurs from Belgium and France in Kerbastic, to develop their consciousness, exchange and shape a new shared vision, to move forward in new farming practices for society, to impact and align the mindset of entrepreneurs, farmers and landowners, to showcase new solutions for a regenerative world, and to trigger collaborations.