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'Makestorming, le Guide du Corporate Hacking" conference

In march 2017, Stéphanie Bacquère and Marie-Noéline Viguié came to Brussels for a conference-debate in collaboration with Deltae and Fondation Benoit.

Authors of the book “Makestorming, le Guide du Corporate Hacking“, they reinvent the culture of work to make large organizations evolve and viralize the practices of start-ups.

Frédéric Laloux conference – 2016

In collaboration with Deltae and Fondation Benoit, we organized a rich and inspiring conference with Frédéric Laloux, author of the lauded book ‘Reinventing Organizations’. He talked about his research and findings in different businesses (as well as nonprofits, schools and hospitals) that work with a new model. A new management paradigm that makes possible more soulful, purposeful and powerful ways to structure and run organizations.

The event took place on February 22, 2016, in Bozar, Bruxelles.

You can watch the whole conference here.

Belgian première of the documentary ‘DEMAIN’ - 2015

On December 15, 2015, we undertook our first collaboration with Fondation Benoit for the Belgian premiere screening of DEMAIN, French film produced by Melanie Laurent and Cyril Dion.

This inspiring and outstanding documentary brings a new vision to our world by exploring the new models in economy, democracy, agriculture and education. It is an impetus to positivism and hope for a better world, in line with the values and the subjects we focus on at the Lunt Foundation.

‘En quête de sens’ screening - 2015

‘En quête de sens’ (A quest for meaning) is one of the supported projects of the Lunt Foundation. It is a deep and inspiring documentary of a journey across America, Europe, and Asia, in which Nathanaël and Marc reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness and the meaning of life.

In order to spread the ideas and reflexions addressed in the film, we organized a screening in the Cinéma Vendôme on february 2015.

The project

Libramont exhibition & congress - 2014

The Libramont exhibition is an open-air agricultural, forestry and agri-food exhibition that welcomes more than 200.000 visitors every year in July.

The Foundation partnered with the organizers on a special day dedicated to agriculture (22th of March 2014) during an event called Tomorrow “the show of sustainable utopias”, a positive, optimistic event dedicated to sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

During their open-air annual agricultural fair in July, we also organized a conference given by one of our experts committee members, Pablo Servigne. The topic was “Feeding Europe in 2030: towards a post-oil agriculture”. It created a strong interest.