Nice Transition is an open database that highlights promising initiatives emerging mainly in Europe: new ways of living, consuming, and producing. The aim of this platform is to show and explain which transitioning actions are currently working, in order to encourage possible replications of these projects in Switzerland.

It is an initiative of NiceFuture, a Swiss association created in 2002 by Barbara Steudler and Vincent Girardin which helps face the great challenges of ecological transition by building bridges and promoting individual development and awareness. Nice Future works to initiate profound changes in Switzerland’s sustainability, through information to the public, the networking of economic actors, academics, politicians and associations to co-create innovative solutions, and the implementation of concrete projects.


Barbara Steudler

Director of NiceFuture

“The NiceTransition project plays its part in creating a more equitable, joyful and collaborative world and society that respects nature and others, because it makes those who daily embody these aspirations visible. Now the great enchantment is over, let’s prove the solutions exist! Let’s inform the citizens, let’s give them a way to access the porters of projects to create synergies and let’s give them the desire of duplicating those initiatives that change the world!

“The action of NiceFuture is based on the following values: respect, solidarity, durability, equity, and tolerance of the other and their beliefs. It is about thinking about our civilization developing an individual awareness and urging everyone to think about one-self as a part of a living planet. Let’s dare to make the qualitative jump that will let the intelligence of the heart complete the rational consciousness. Let’s imagine our future in the dimension of our dreams!”

NiceFuture team

Our Support

In 2015, the Lunt Foundation supported the association with the creation of Nice Transition, a web platform referencing emerging entrepreneurs for a transition in the OCDE countries.

In 2017, the Lunt Foundation supported the salary of a researcher / copywriter and communication manager making possible to carry out a new prospection of selected initiatives for their innovative and sustainable characteristics.