The Nausicart Association aims to raise awareness through art and more particularly audiovisual art, which is a universal language. Invite people to question themselves about their way of life, their relationships with others, to respect the Living and the Sacred. Give everyone the opportunity to commit themselves individually to change, create, raise awareness and become a conscious eco-citizen, living in dignity, apportionment, solidarity and caring. This individual commitment will make effective the collective commitment essential to the emergence of a world in harmony.

Lunt Foundation Nausicart Photo Virginie Lancetti 200x200

Virginie Lancetti

Operational director

“The Association supports awakened artists and seeks new methods of funding and dissemination for their artistic projects. This allows the manifestation of projects that carry messages inviting people to awaken, to respect all living beings, to understand the importance of caring for themselves and others. These projects highlight the joy that is at the heart of each person and the vital element of all life.

The main values of the association and its members are service to others, kindness, respect for the living, the sacred of relationships.

Every day when I get up I am grateful for being healthy, surrounded by beautiful souls and awakened, which allows me to contribute to creating a more harmonious world by doing my part of the Humming-bird.”

Our Support

In 2018, the Lunt Foundation financed the salary of Virginie Lancetti, manager of Nausicart so she could be 100% dedicated to the project.