Natura offers a wonderful story of science running from Japan to the US, via Britain, Germany or Sweden, to meet pioneering researchers studying the potential of nature on our physical and mental health.

How does Nature heal? What are its therapeutic virtues and how do scientists study them? How does the brain perceive the natural elements? And above all, what are the applications of this new knowledge for all of us? Natura delves into this questions and enlightens us with answers coming from diverse people and evidence from all around the globe.


Pascale D’Erm

Director of Natura

“We are not “disconnected” from nature: it is in us, in our bodies, in our minds and in our hearts. This film demonstrates that this interdependence with Nature is a guarantee of physical and mental health. The urban and fast lifes that we live we have led us to lose sight of this ancient truth (didn’t Hippocrates say that “nature is our best doctor?”): this film Natura Medicatrix intends to participate in this necessary awareness.”

Our Support

In 2016, the Lunt Foundation co-funded this documentary film ‘Natura’ showing scientific explanations that nature can heal and bring people happiness.

In 2017, the Foundation allowed the kick-start and find more funding partners.