Marine Simon, facilitator, consultant and trainer in Collective Intelligence and Participatory Governance, for more than 10 years. Lecturer at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, as part of the University Diploma in Collective Intelligence.

Marine supports organizations, regions, schools… committed to a sustainable future approach, using collaborative practices. She is co-author of the book «L’Intelligence Collective. Co-créons en conscience le monde de demain», published by Yves Michel in 2014.

Today Marine is putting all its energy into a writing project whose intention is to provide a key to understanding the laws and choices of the Living Being to which we are a part and a translation of these “biological” choices (between non-humans and at the heart of our cells) into postures and actions in everyday life, through the principles of permaculture, to give birth to, transform our predatory Humanity into a cooperative Humanity with the whole Living Being which guarantees it Life.

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Marine Simon


“What gives me joy when I get up in the morning is to participate in this fabulous adventure of Life on this suspended ball that carries me, feeds me, heals me, as it does, helped by the sun and the rest of the cosmos, for all living beings, human and non-human, for 4.5 billion years. Feel this incredible wave of love that moves the visible and invisible Living Being and seeks to realize its intention: to stay alive together and reproduce. My role in all this? To participate, through my work as a facilitator in Collective Intelligence and participatory governance, through my relational experiences with the invisible and non-human, in the awakening of the humans I meet to this wonder and the desire to take infinite care of it.”

Our Support

In 2018, the Foundation financed the salary of Marine Simon so she can write her book.