With MakeSense, having a positive impact on society becomes a collective adventure accessible to all.

Started in Paris, MakeSense aims at creating an integrated path to go from citizen engagement to long-term impact on main social and environmental issues. It is a global community crowdsourcing ideas and taking action to accelerate the impact of the projects of social entrepreneurs around the world.

They involve individuals in building and spreading collaborative tools to solve real challenges and, in return, promote social entrepreneurship in order to sustain the impact of these social projects that address the most pressing needs of the society. They also work with large organisations to accelerate their positive transformation and foster collaborations between different stakeholders.

Founded in 2011 by Christian Vanizette and Leila Hoballah, today MakeSense has a big international community spread over 128 cities, with thousands of volunteers that have supported more than 2,000 social enterprises, as well as hosting creative workshops (more than 3,000 so far), incubators, and mobilizing passionate players in no matter which challenge to improve their impact. As of 2017, MakeSense counts several offices in the world : Mexico, Peru, Senegal, France, Lebanon and the Philippines


Christian Vanizette

Co-founder of Makesense

“Our project is building collective mobilization of citizens, social entrepreneurs, global corporates and governments to make sure we can all together solve the biggest issues of our time. We leverage nowadays technologies to make sure all these actors can coordinate and act on concrete local projects. The real engine behind MakeSense is the citizen engagement and they will not be working if our engagement is not done in a fun, genuine and fair way. Happy citizens drive our agenda and we hope to influence with it main decision makers.

In MakeSense we believe in collective actions for scale, collaboration for finding innovations, and that every citizen & teammate around the world has a unique an amazing contribution to make – it’s not just about involving the experts.”

Leila Hoballah

Leila Hoballah

Co-founder of MakeSense

“Years after we started MakeSense, I am still daily amazed by how collective engagement can switch someone’s perspective on the world and his or her own capacity to make a change, even more when connected to a global community.

MakeSense is all about empowering citizens to turn one’s environment into a play field of challenges for positive impact.

Our founding principles of trust, audacity, responsibility, agility and authenticity have guided the design of our community model, our organisation, our business model and our governance.

The impact MakeSense has on society and on individual journeys not only comes from what we do but, equally important, from how we do it.”

Our Support

In 2013 and 2014, the Lunt Foundation supported MakeSense to develop their local and international community by funding the job position of the Europe Community Developer.

In 2015, the Foundation supported them to develop their digital platform and manuals by partly financing a one year salary of a web designer and developer.

In 2016, the Foundation also supported ‘MakeSense Stories’, a web media to share the stories of artists and social entrepreneurs around the world to mobilize and inspire people to engage in causes that matters to them. Specifically, the support made it possible to develop ‘Waynak (Where are you?)‘, the first webseries to discover and collaborate with social entrepreneurs in the Near East and Europe, currently developing short, middle and long term solutions to impact the Refugees ‘Crisis’.

In 2017, the MakeSense HR team worked on the internal structuring of a horizontal organization, shared leadership, a common working culture and a strong sense of well-being. MakeSense has launched its operations in the USA in partnership with the UN to facilitate social businesses to meet the SDGs. They have been awarded by the Singularity University and the Marshall Fund Fellowship for their work on participative governance models. Facebook has hired MakeSense to train their account managers on how to mobilize communities around societal issues.