A documentary film that follows the lives of four peasants who have definitively turned their backs on conventional farming methods in order to work according to new and more respectful ways to nature.

Rebellious and passionate, they resist all those who want the death of their freedom. Archives and images let us travel in black and white to a time when we believed that science would definitely save the world from hunger and malnutrition. European and African landscapes during the four seasons, moving and provocative characters, stories that intersect in order to speak one language: the liberated land.

Jean-Christophe Lamy and Paul-Jean Vranken, producers and directors of this documentary, portray men and women who have chosen another path, and raise awareness of another way of cultivating the land.


Jean-Christophe Lamy

Co-producer and co-director


Paul-Jean Vranken

Co-producer and co-director

“Freedom, autonomy, respect for living beings, local distribution channels, and recreating the social fabric: these are the values of ‘Liberterres’. We are convinced that such values are the fertile grounds for a better world.”

Our Support

The Lunt Foundation has co-financed the production the documentary film of “Les Liberterres”. It was rewarded in several European film festivals.