Founded in 1999 by Philippe Desbrosses, the association “Intelligence Verte” teaches how nature helps us improve our personal and professional lives by conserving biodiversity.

The mission of “Intelligence Verte” is to:

  • Help people rediscover genuine seed varieties and organize educational activities to promote healthy eating.
  • Run an organic training program contributing to bringing awareness to our connection with nature.
  • Safeguard genetic resources, rehabilitate old seed varieties and species for eco- sustainable food production, accessible to all while respecting the environment and our health.
  • Preserve our food independence and food security.


Philippe Desbrosses

Président d’Intelligence Verte

“Intelligence Verte grew from the analysis of this millennium. In less than 100 years the growth of industrial civilization has drained the planet of its lifeforce to the point of threatening its very existence, within this short period of time, and even the existence of the human species. The answer to such a challenge is to find as quickly as possible the precious connection with our original birthplace: “Nature” and the respect for her intangible laws.

We are aware of the fact that the most direct and subtle expression of universal intelligence is found in the miracle of photosynthesis, which belongs to the vegetal world. In fact, “every life on Earth relies on green plants” which are able, uniquely amongst all the kingdoms, to “transmute” solar light into nourishment, indispensable for the life of the species.

Is there anything more rightful, more joyful, more eternal than the prodigious phenomenon that makes our existence possible…? From here comes the metaphor of l’Intelligence Verte, “Green Intelligence” … If we need to return meaning to our human existence and relationships, the values shared by Earth and Nature erect themselves as the protagonists once again with the diversity of a floristic richness, vegetable and fruit gardens, aromatic and medicinal plants… These will all be remarkably brought to the scene by the genius creator who is dormant in each of us. This is still a matter of Intelligence… Verte.”

Our Support

In 2014 and 2016, the Foundation helped the association redesign a new business model to allow them to legally spread their collection of ancient seed among gardeners in a financially sustainable way.

This support has allowed holding the activity of seed production and collection of heirloom vegetable varieties, to preserve the seed stock, the know-how, the tools, and a long-term lease.

They also launched a successful crowdfunding campaign “Graines de vie” (Life’s seeds), reaching over 120% of its initial goal. The have established regional groups of Ambassadors for Biodiversity, blogs, websites, and have also strengthened various partnerships.