Hackistan is a collective of like-minded people that experiment with new models of entrepreneurship where multidisciplinary collaboration, fairness and collective intelligence empower people and projects towards smart and impactful solutions for the future.

The Hackistan symbiotic and regenerative ecosystem aims at tackling local and global challenges through a change of values, mindset and behavior, change of practices, of social structure, change of monetary and investment mechanics. Hackistan is a practical use-case to reinvent how work and innovation could work towards a more harmonious relationship between humans and their environment through their local chapters across Belgium and France.

Pierre-Alexandre Klein

Core member of Hackistan

“Our collective includes people who share this mission of Saving the world. We build trust amongst peers based on solidarity, leveraging resources and being vulnerable. This trust engages us in collaborations around impactful missions and projects. People come with their skills as a whole and have meaningful work.

Trust, fairness, openness and collaboration are at the core of the ecosystem. We do our best to find skilled individuals who share this mindset.”

Our Support

In 2016, the Foundation supported Hackistan to secure the salary of the project manager and some promotional events.