Greenloop is a social enterprise that, together with its clients, designs exciting business opportunities that enhance resilience for the organisation and its ecosystem. Together they co-create more sustainable, innovative and future-proof companies using nature-inspired design principles.

In Greenloop they believe that a multidisciplinary and scientific approach offers powerful and effective tools to transform knowledge into action. They specialize in translating proven clever designs from nature to create innovative strategies for business resilience. They create value by emulating ecosystem dynamics like its adaptive, diverse, self-learning and collaborative structures, its feedback networks and resilience characteristics to create innovative processes and products.

Greenloop brings together engineers, business strategists and biologists, combining specialized expertise from biology, management and technology, helping to envision a healthy future for businesses.


Gaëtan Dartevelle

CEO, director and co-founder of Greenloop

Our Support

The Lunt Foundation financed in 2013 a promotion video on biomimicry.