GoodPlanet Belgium inspires all generations to engage for a sustainable society by sharing expertise and undertaking positive action. They develop and support projects, training courses and teaching packages on a wide range of sustainability themes (consumption and waste management, energy and climate, mobility, nature and biodiversity, coexistence, food and water).

First and foremost, they focus on children and young people – they have reached 8.800 schools in Belgium.  They also address water access issues by creating and supporting the Young Water Solutions Initiative, which includes the World Youth Parliament for Water.  GoodPlanet also reaches some 50,000 adults annually by partnering with businesses that actively assume their social role and organise awareness-raising campaigns for the general public.

GoodPlanet Belgium, originally called ‘Green’ (a 15-year old Belgian association), merged in 2013 with GoodPlanet France, set up by the famous French film director and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  This was an obvious step for an organisation with a history of international projects and partnerships.


Jo Van Cauwenberge

Director of GoodPlanet Belgium

“Our mission is to work towards a sustainable society which respects the environment and coexistence. We are onsite every day to raise awareness amongst young people and adults of a better world being possible which starts with small gestures. The way we work is mainly positive and engaging. Together we are turning this planet into one GoodPlanet.”

Our Support

In 2014, the Foundation financed the redefinition of their vision, mission and values as well as their business plan to develop a new set of services to become financially independent from the decreasing government subsidies.