GIRAF or Groupe Interdisciplinaire Belge de Recherche en Agroécologie du FNRS (Belgian Interdisciplinary Agroecology Research Group of the FNRS) is a group of scientists with the mission of nurturing and sharing a reflection on agroecology, which relies on interactions between disciplines and between actors.

The members of this group draft joint position papers and set up scientific meeting places (Belgian Agroecology Meetings) to discuss agroecology.  Some activities arise within GIRAF but are conducted by individual members or institutions, such as certificates, summer schools, various networks, and conferences.

Not only is science the cement and the defining element of this interdisciplinary contact group but GIRAF is also mobilized by the challenge of cutting across disciplinary lines. GIRAF’s members are thus connected by their vision of a strong and committed version of agroecology. They want to contribute to thinking about and for agroecology in society as a whole.


Gauthier Chapelle

Member of GIRAF

“By transmitting the concepts of biomimicry and « Life Principles » through my conferences, papers, books and workshops, I am trying to connect humans with the other species living on our Planet, and their technological & organizational recipes and wisdom about how to prosper and live gracefully together. My focus on bio-inspired agriculture and collaboration aims at better anticipating the radically different post-oil civilization that will emerge at the end of the thermo-industrial era. Using « The work that reconnects » also allows me to enhance our reconnections with ourselves, the other humans and the rest of the living world, hence taking part in the preparation of the resilience islands and the weaving of the « rough-weather network.”

Our Support

In 2014, the Lunt Foundation supported the redesign of the GIRAF website and logo. Take a look for yourself.

In 2017, the Foundation supported the general management and communication tools of the GIRAF group under the presidency of Pierre Stassart, ULG.