Exploring the role of media


20 pioneering media actors


March 2019


Belgium, Brussels

The Lunt Foundation organized a 2 days-workshop on the role of media in society's transition to alternative social, political and economic models. We believe that only cerebral intelligence is not sufficient to grasp the complexity and subtleties of such a vast topic. Therefore, we think it is essential to include our other intelligences - heart, guts, emotion, and intuition - to grasp the fullness of the subject.

As such, the workshop was built around a Theory U tool called "4D mapping", developed by the Presencing Institute, an MIT spin-off. It was facilitated by Presencing Institute facilitator Manish Srivastava.

The workshop provided key insights on the role of various media and societal actors in society's transition phases. It gave the participants (content creators, media owners, entrepreneurs, the Lunt Foundation team, ...) clarity as to where their work would have most impact.

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