Froidefontaine Farm brings together producers of food, and other entrepreneurs to build a unique place for food, crafts, education and hospitality. By combining these diverse activities, Froidefontaine Farm offers a range of high-quality products and catering, as well as an enriching experience for many visitors. We apply agroecological and regenerative practices, and protect our natural zones, which all in all, makes a farm full of life!

Florian Delespesse, Alexis de Liedekerke and Gaëtan Seny

Co-founders of Ferme de Froidefontaine

“Faced with the stakes and realities of the territory, Froidefontaine Farm is an innovative model serving life and society. We want to contribute to the development of sustainable rural entrepreneurship, by the creation of profitable and employment-generating activities, shaping quality products while preserving natural resources and biodiversity. Our strength is diversity. Our vision is a farm full of life.”

Our Support

In 2017, the Foundation supported Ferme de Froidefontaine to secure the salary of the business/finance developer allowing the project to develop quickly, with agility and a minimum of risk.