The European Commons Assembly aims to gain visibility and credibility for the commons movement at large, make concrete legislative and funding proposals, and promote direct democratic participation in EU institutions.

The idea of commons is growing in our collective imaginary, which rejects the idea that we are self-interested individual consumers or competitors, and that we are instead active and cooperative citizens working for healthy and fair neighbourhoods, cities and societies. Still, this vision remains underrepresented in concrete terms.

The European Commons Assembly, initiative of the Commons Network, calls for the provision of resources and the necessary freedom to create, manage and sustain our commons (be they digital commons, knowledge, public spaces, cultures, natural resources, water, forests or oceans, etc.). They call upon governments, local and national, as well as European Union institutions to facilitate the defence and growth of the commons, to eliminate barriers and enclosures, to open up doors for citizen participation and to prioritize the common good in all policies.

European Commons Assembly Website  The Commons Network Website  Commons Transition Website

David Hammerstein

Co-director of The Commons Network


Sophie Bloemen

Co-director of The Commons Network

“Our actions and activities in defense of the commons are all in favor of the self-governance, sustainability and the regeneration of our natural and social environments guided by the values of community democracy, cooperation and collaborative democratic processes. We were attracted by the Lunt Foundation by its focus on social innovation,  communicative skills and bottom-up social change.”

Our Support

The Lunt Foundation has supported the European Commons Assembly in their communication on their first meeting at the European Parliament, which took place on November 2016.