This film is the story of two childhood friends who have decided to leave everything to travel the world in search of a meaningful purpose for which to live their lives. Their journey is an invitation to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness and the meaning of life.

Marc de la Menardière and Nathanaël Coste start this documentary with a shared observation: that Western society is trapped in a downward cycle leading us to destruction, injustice and frustration rather than harmony and well-being. The pressing need for financial profit has taken over, to the detriment of the common good, and of common sense.

Built around improbable encounters, doubts and joys, this film brings a message of hope to those who feel helpless: a change is happening around the world. It is a change of consciousness, motivated by the need and desire to live in harmony with oneself, others and the environment. What we need, instead of more knowledge, technology or economic growth, is more common sense and more insight – in a word, more wisdom.


Marc de la Ménardière

Co-author & Narrator


Nathanaël Coste

Co-author, director & Cameraman

“We believe the current crisis we are facing as a species on this planet is due to human behaviour. As human behaviours have been programmed by culture and its view of the world, it is urgent to question this.… In our opinion, this current world view or modern world view is a misrepresentation of human nature and the nature of reality.  Far from the values of competition, greed, selfishness, materialism or separation from nature, we have decided to shine the spotlight on great thinkers and doers of our times, people who have dedicated their lives to promoting a fair, harmonious and ecological vision. Showing inspiring people living their truth and authenticity can empower human beings to question their way of thinking and change some destructive behaviour for their own good and the good of the planet.

The values at the centre of our project are creativity, cooperation, kindness, harmony, autonomy…”

Our Support

In 2015 and 2014 the Foundation supported the distribution of this documentary film in Switzerland, France and Belgium.

In 2016, the Foundation financed the English translation of the trailer to help find a distribution deal in American countries.

In 2017, the Foundation supported the setup of the operational team in the United States by financing the salary of an ‘USA Outreach Coordinator’.

The movie has been a great success wherever it has been screened (theatres, film exchanges, associations, universities), DVD have sold successfuly, and it has been rewarded by several European film festivals.