Civic innovation network (CIN) is a Brussels-based lab to foster unforeseen collaborations that can tackle the systemic challenges of the city. Our city is full of impactful projects and initiatives and yet we have been unable to harness the desired impact due to disconnection and competitive framework. The journey of CIN started by mapping of these projects and initiatives which lead to sensing of unimagined and unexplored collaborations between different projects. We want to bridge these unimagined potential collaborations between projects that when they work together can have a greater impact on the city, as they simultaneously solve more civic challenges and foster more resilient structures for themselves. We call them Impact Joint Ventures.

“In the last few years several transition actors rose to address the challenges our societies face today. However, if these actors and their projects have served so far as individual trees, now circumstances require us to think in the context of a forest. The challenges mentioned above are systemic in nature and so far we have been applying single enterprise or single sector approach without reflecting on the interdependencies of the complex system. To reach a real impact in the city we require unprecedented collaboration and holistic thinking. Our vision is to push the city of Brussels to innovate at the systems level in order to boost collective well-being and solve local problems in light of global challenges.

Openness, interconnectedness and transparency are the core values that drive civic innovation network and its members.”

Our Support

In 2015 and 2014 the Foundation supported the distribution of this documentary film in Switzerland, France and Belgium. In 2016, the Foundation financed the English translation of the trailer to help find a distribution deal in American countries.

The movie has been a great success wherever it has been screened (theatres, film exchanges, associations, universities), DVD have sold successfuly, and it has been rewarded by several European film festivals.