An innovative course hosted at Louvain School of Management with the unique focus of training students in the principles of regenerative economics: respect for man and his environment and the creation of a shared value of the entire ecosystem.

Several internationally-renowned experts will share their knowledge of the concepts of relocalized economy, shared economy, the economy of functionality, circular economy, economy of the commons, bio-inspired economy, and the importance of an enlightened leadership.

Addressed to first-year master’s inter-faculty students, the course is conceived according to the principles of inverted pedagogy, the use of collective intelligence techniques, the development of business cases and business games, and the interaction with other players in the field, such as Belgian entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The ‘Chair in Regenerative Economics’ has been conceived and designed by Yves De Rongé and Guibert del Marmol.

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Guibert del Marmol

Co-founder of Lunt Foundation


Yves de Rongé

Professor at Université catholique de Louvain

“This is a project that is addressed to the new generation, the one that will build the world of tomorrow. The chair proposes a meaningful destination, a sensitization to a new model of society that grows in silence, as well as learning of methodologies and behaviors that are necessary for the advent of this “permacultural” society that respects humans and nature while creating a shared abundance for the entire ecosystem.

In both form and substance, the Chair in Regenerative Economics wants to make from the students who desire it, the weavers of a new world that is more sustainable and durable by recreating a strong link to nature, to others and ultimately to oneself.”

Our Support

With its advisors, the Foundation has developed a 30-hour course, which introduces the principles of regenerative economy to more than 150 students over 3 years. It will participate in the creation of the new jobs of tomorrow.