Biomim’expo is the new and relevant conference that brings together public actors, private actors and stakeholders on the subject of biomimicry, a new approach that is rapidly developing and that looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration, in order to seek sustainable and innovative solutions to human challenges. Above all, Biomim’expo is an occasion to show and demonstrate the tremendous potential of biomimicry in all fields of activity, and to highlight those who work in these fields, and what they do.

The 2016 expo voluntarily addressed itself to a varied public, in order to break down barriers and to become a place where high multiculturalism and exchange can serve as accelerators of innovation. Scientists, researchers, teachers, students, engineers, biologists, urban planners, architects, politicians, chemists, entrepreneurs, financiers were involved, as well as larger groups such as universities, research centres, startups, schools, local authorities, etc. For the first time, Biomim’expo offered this diverse ecosystem a place of inspiration and an opportunity to meet and exchange through multiple showrooms, exhibitions, conferences, debates, workshops and activities.

The event is the result of an initiative launched by NewCorp Conseil (an events and institutional communication consulting firm specialized in societal challenges) founded by Alain Renaudin, with Olivier Floch, and in cooperation with CEEBIOS (Centre Européen d’Excellence en Biomimétisme de Senlis), represented by Kalina Raskin.

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Alain Renaudin

Founder of New Corp Conseil


Kalina Raskin

Responsible for Development CEEBIOS

‘For several years we have known the environmental stakes and WHY we have to face these challenges. Thanks to biomimicry we are changing our way of looking at the environment and considering it as a solution and not as a problem. With biomimicry, nature helps us to consider HOW to rebuild a new sustainable world, with nature-inspired tools. Biomim’expo is an inspirational event because its potential is so high and extremely exciting. The event offers the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people who are already working on new bio-inspired solutions, to promote this approach, and to offer new ideas and new hopes. We also need to share and to be inspired by each other if we want to create a new world.’

Our Support

The Lunt Foundation provided a financial support for the communication of the first (July 2016) and second edition (2017) of the Biomim’Expo in Senlis, France.