Big Mother Production is a studio dedicated to the creation and production of impact content (books, stories, docs, features, webseries, fictions, conferences, events). Her aim is to contribute to a positive and inspiring narrative about our future highlighting those trying to build it and make it happen.

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Flore Vasseur

Founder of Big Mother Production

“The main obstacle to a more dignified world is not technical (solutions exist) but cultural (we do not see or believe in them). Obsessed with its own survival, the media industry favours hyper profitable subjects, i.e. 1/ at low cost and, 2/ flattering the “click”, thus fear, hatred and rumour. The engaged contents are considered complicated, expensive therefore, and at risk, leaving all the space to the dominant narrative, on fear and its corollary the ease. Our project aims to emancipate itself from this chain of “value” to focus on writing, on shaping and illuminating a narrative of the future, restoring humanity in its dignity, its desire to live and act, in order to convince everyone to welcome it. The fact that these stories and people exist gives me a deep joy.”

Our Support

In 2018, the funding provided by the Lunt Foundation will be allocated to the recruitment of Justine Bo, right-hand man of Flore Vasseur. Justine Bo in charge of developing and promoting projects and publications.