B Corporations are businesses that aim to be best for the world as well as best in the world. The global movement of B Corporations seeks to change the way profit making businesses operate and how they contribute to the economy: these businesses put shareholders on an equal footing with other stakeholders such as customers, employees, communities and the planet. B corporations are launching in the Switzerland and Jonathan’s job is to orchestrate their roll out as part of the global movement, working with amazing companies and partners who share a similar vision.

Best For Geneva is an ambitious and unique European programme that encourages Geneva-based companies to assess and improve their societal and environmental impact in order to make progress in meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. By engaging the business community, the program aims to train, equip and celebrate all companies in Geneva that want to enhance their jobs, strengthen the community in its diversity and preserve their environment. The program consists of conducting an online impact assessment to identify areas where these companies can improve their practices, their employees, the community and the environment. They define improvement objectives and can offer their employees the opportunity to participate in training workshops and peer dialogue spaces to experience sustainable open innovation. Following the 12-month program, we will publish a consolidated report and celebrate the achievements of our companies.


Jonathan Normand

Founder and executive director of B Lab (Suisse)

“Best for Geneva and Bcorp is based on the vision that one day all companies will strive to surpass themselves not only to be the best in the world, but also the best for the world, so that society can prosper in the long term, for the benefit of all and the environment. Leading a project of this scale is only possible with the entire Geneva and Swiss ecosystem, a sincere sense of gratitude that allows so many actors to be catalyzed on concrete actions at the service of future generations.”

Our Support

In 2017 and 2018, the Lunt Foundation supported the salary of the manager and the coordinator of b-corp Switzerland, and best for Geneva in order to promote the b-corp movement in Switzerland and support the Best for Geneva program.