Artemisia is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to giving inexpensive access to Law and legal professionals to civil society actors, when engaged in the protection of the Environment or the safeguard of Human rights. This legal support is possible thanks to a partnership with the Artemisia law firm, lead by Blanche Magarinos-Rey, Attorney at the Paris Bar. This law firm provides legal advice, assistance and Court representation, as well as advocacy services towards public institutions and policy makers.

Since its creation, Artemisia has also positioned itself as an actor for the protection and promotion  of agricultural biodiversity, in particular with a legislative advocacy effort, in France and at the European level.


Maitre Blanche Magarinos-Rey

Environmental and Urban Planning Lawyer

“Man has the fundamental duty and the good fortune, during his passage on Earth, to enjoy with admiration, but also to preserve the marvellous shrine that allowed his emergence, alongside all the other living beings. Human existence is therefore made of pleasure and responsibility. Law, which is an ephemeral but decisive social convention in the march of human behaviours, represents a decisive tool in the service of this high destiny and mission. In any case, that’s the way I feel about it. My deepest vocation is to contribute making this vision a reality. Thus, Artemisia and myself, whose bow and spirit are entirely tended towards their common goal, are at the service of every causes contributing to the preservation of our biological case, but also to the safeguarding and promotion of freedom and human dignity, which are the necessary prerequisites for the realization of our destiny as guardians of Life and Beauty.

As Providence strives to bring together hearts vibrating in unison, I have the luck and pleasure of accompanying the Lunt foundation on its path of truth and empathy, as it also supports me on the way towards better access to Law and Justice. Our respective missions complement and support each other and I am very happy to be one of the resources in which they can draw advice and assistance. In the same way, the Foundation is a haven of peace and caring, as well as a laboratory of awakening to the world, which represents to me inspiration and constant comfort.”

Our Support

In 2016, the Lunt Foundation has contributed to the establishment of the European Artemisia Association along with others Belgian Foundations and philanthropists.

In 2017 and 2018, the Foundation financially supports Artemisia and triggers collaborations. Blanche is also offering legal expertise to the Foundation.