Our credo

Everything we do is based on a vision of the world that is supported by a set of core values, which we have summed up in our credo.

> Our philosophy 2018

> Our vision 2013

We believe in the wisdom and the genius of nature to inspire new social and ecological models for society. We believe in interdependence, in that everything is connected to everything. Because a holistic vision of today’s knowledge is key to acting wisely and skilfully, we believe in combining the best of modern science and ancient wisdoms.

We believe creative collaborations will bring ecological regeneration and sustainability. We believe joy is the ultimate indicator for knowing when we are in harmony with our true nature. Joy is profound, powerful and brings us freedom.

We believe in a more responsible world where all are conscious of the impact of their doings. Every small individual action can trigger major changes. We believe that quality support goes beyond grant-giving alone.

Our commitment towards our entrepreneurs is to develop a relationship, maintaining human support and engagement. We seek to inspire and facilitate the birth of a new paradigm, and support those who dare make it reality.

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